Saturday, June 11, 2016 to Sunday, June 12, 2016


FAITO Racing Philippines Race Team decided to come out of their comfort zone and went up with other seasoned race teams in recently concluded Under Bone Kine (UBK) Held last June 12 at the Batangas Racing Circuit.  The team is determined to make their presence felt in the Philippine Motorsport scene, boosting the team with Faito products that were developed, designed and tested to withstand the stress of a motorcycle race engine.

After a strong Debut Last April 6-7 for the 1st Leg of the Under Bone King Championship (UBK), Faito Racing Philippines Race Team was able to bag the 1st Runner-up trophy despite the bad weather and several race restarts.

Being surrounded by members who are highly motivated, result oriented with positive output, the team is now ready and set to dominate the race track.  With adequate practice and more precise settings on the motorbike, the team has a positive feeling of taking home the Championship trophy.

FAITO Racing Philippines Race Team Riders is composed of young and promising riders, namely Vreir-r Suba (#14) and Nicolo Ramos (#222).  We are also represented by McKinley Kyle Paz (#23) our guest rider. These gentlemen have the first feel of how the Faito products perform during their race at the 1st and 2nd Leg of the series.   Other sponsors who provides unwavering support to the team are Racing Boy Philippines, IRC Performance Tires, Motoworld, LS2 Helmets, RK Racing Chains and Sprockets and JM Adverstising.

Preparations are now lined up for the 3rd Leg, which will be held in Clark International Speedway Circuit on July 9-10.  We look forward to five everyone a great and hear pounding racte to watch.  See you then!