Research and Development

Research & Development

Faito is the only few of its kind in Asia to Research & Develop, Design, Prototype and Circuit-Test  new developments in its own Racing Team engines in actual races before embarking onwards to the commercialization stage. Faito has four regional’s innovative R&D hubs namely in Malaysia, Japan,  Thailand and  Indonesia collaborating on innovative performance specifications. Faito invested heavily to  maintain stringent Quality Control (QC) from design stage, materials employed to the assembly of finished  product.

Faito consistently striving to deliver Innovative Performance Oriented Products to our customers.  In order to provide true satisfaction to meet the growing maturity of customer demands, we develop wide range of products to our customers; and to compete in this challenging market.  Faito choose to pursuit of technology and material innovation.  Faito believe without such innovation, there can never be final products that are attractive to the market. 

Faito has a strong R&D team that is constantly Designing, Creating and developing New and Innovative products through many R&D studies and research.  In order to produce Faito's comprehensive range of high rated products, it is important to have the necessary Talents and Tools.

As of today, we have 4 R&D hubs in Asia that consists of more that 8 qualified engineers.  These R&D  centres are located in  Malaysia, Japan, Tahiland and Indonesia.  These R&D hubs are heade bu highly qualified chief engineers of various nationalities within the region.  Each R&D centre is also well equipped with essential and technologically advance equipment such as Dynamometer machine and many more.

Besides utilizing the latest and most advanced equipments, the R&D team also has access to proper racing environments for field-testing of actual performance of the products.  The range of objectives is wide, the most common being performance of pick up,  throttle respon, functions and top speed under the most intensive conditions.