Wednesday, March 13, 2019

2019 Race Season is about to start!  On it's 4th year, FAITO Racing Philippines Inc. in partnership with MTRT Racing Association will again be hosting the 2019 FAITO Club Prix along side with the TSR Championship.  FAITO Club Prix started only with a few riders participating on its race categories and continues to gain attraction every season.  

The event aims to bring out the skills of those aspiring grass root riders who may someday become the representative of our country in International motorcycle racing events.   The team also hope to encourage motorcycle enthusiast special those motorcycle racing fanatics, to take their skills on the race track and take them off from racing along public roads.  

You may check out the links below of each categories engine rules, race schedules and other information about the event.

130cc UB Engine Rules (License Class B,C,D) 

150cc UB Engine Rules (Licenses Class B,C,D and Expert/Pro)

Race Schedules, format and safety gears

Points System

Protest, Qualification, Registration

Entitlement and Disqualification

Mandatory Parts